Fantasies: Detention

Title: Detention
Fandom: Heroes
Author: fbdarkangel
Character/Pairing: Gabriel/Claire
Rating: NC-17 (ye hath been warned)
Spoilers: None
Summary: Naughty Cheerleader, Claire, goes to detention with her biology teacher, Mr. Gray!
A/N: I was writing this a year ago and that sucked! Then a LJ kink meme came along so I decided to revise it then I thought "why not do series of sylaire oneshots with sick and twisted fantasies?"!
Disclaimer: No I don't Heroes! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go cry in a corner!
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i'm so sad!

I still haven't got a virtual gift. Normally I would ignore messages about friends getting virtual gifts but since everyone but me has gotten one every 15 seconds, i'm feeling very depressed! ;(

cameroncrazed thank you for at least telling me that you sent one but I still haven't gotten it yet!

I'm very sorry that I sound like a bitch, but at school i was the extreme version of "the kid who got picked last". I joined lj to become a better writer and gain new friends. The fact I have to resort to beg for gifts is a little bit frustrating!

What's with all the gifts?

I've been getting a lot of messages saying that all my friends have got snowflakes like every fifteen seconds and I'm wondering to myself... "Why I haven't got one yet?" I mean feeling so left out and so sad! :(
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