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Adjustment Chapter 2: Fix the String

Fandom: New X-Men
Author: Me!
Character/Pairing: Julian/X-23
Summary: A bad morning for Hellion and X-23
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
A/N: please let me know what you think!
Disclaimer: Wish I owned X-Men but I don't... Moving on!

The next day, Laura got up to change, trying to forget last night’s “disturbance”. She opened the closet and found the duffle bag still lying on the floor. She hesitated then opened it and took out the locket. Soon after, she was in her usual black leather attire and tied the thick black string, carrying the pendant, around her neck. She then grabbed her school bag and headed out of her room and to the mess hall. The moment Laura entered the cafeteria; she felt the urge to run. She then decided to use Logan coming towards her as an excuse to do so. However, as she turned to leave, she ran into Julian, who was already in a bad mood because he had lost some sleep last night. Julian, slipping, grabbed something small and thick to keep balance. After a big crashing and a mysterious ripping sound, both students landed face down on the floor. The entire cafeteria went completely silent as Logan rushed over to help his clone while Beast attempted to aid Julian. Julian, however, stood up still holding onto the small and thick object that did him no help. He glared loathingly at Laura who was being raised up by Logan.

“What the hell is your problem, X?” he demanded. Laura faced him then her eyes widened in shock and fear.

“You seriously need to watch where you’re going,” Julian continued. “And why the hell are you staring at me like that?”

“Julian, leave her alone,” scolded Cessily, walking towards Laura’s side. “It was an accident.”

However, Julian wasn’t listening, because he realized that Laura wasn’t staring at him but at the object he was holding. He looked down and saw that it was the weird-looking necklace that he saw X wear occasionally. The gold pendant remained unharmed. The thick black string, however, broke in half when Julian grabbed it. Julian looked back at Laura and, to his utter surprise; he saw tears forming in her eyes. Before anything else could be said or done, Laura tore out of the cafeteria. Logan sighed and gathered up all of Laura’s school work and books. Once he placed them in her bag, he made towards the direction where his clone ran, slapping Hellion upside the head on the way.

“Ow! Fuck!”

“Moron,” muttered Logan as he exited the cafeteria.

Within seconds, the rest of the school went back to their food and conversations, as if nothing had happened. Rubbing his head in pain, Julian shoved the pendant in his front pocket and he and Cessily walked towards to where the rest of the New X-Men were sitting. Once he sat down, all eyes were on him.

“Smooth entrance, Keller,” snorted Elixir, who was unable to hold it any longer.

“Go fuck yourself, Foley,” Julian snarled.

“Julian, you are such a prick,” Cessily exclaimed.

“Second that,” Nori piped up.

“Me too,” Pixie agreed.

“Me three,” Victor concurred.

Julian stared with pure disbelief.

I’m the prick?” Julian gaped. “I was the one that got attacked by Smokey and his little shadow over there.”

“Come on, Keller,” David chided, as if Julian didn’t know one plus one equals one. “When has X ever cried?”

“Last night.”

Suddenly, all eyes were on Sooraya, and she leaned forward so no one outside the table could hear.

“She was having a bad dream,” she explained. “She kept on muttering something about her mother and a blue fairy. The next thing I know, she is screaming and sobbing.”

“So it was her that woke me?” Julian roared.

“For the love of god, Julian,” Cessily hissed. “Will you keep your voice down?”

But Julian had enough. He grabbed his backpack and stood up.

“Where are you going?” asked Rockslide, who clearly had paid more attention to his breakfast than to what just happened.

“I’m not hungry,” Julian muttered. “Psychopathic bitch made me lose my appetite.”

And with that, he stormed out of the cafeteria, leaving an awkward silence in the table. Then Rockslide spoke up.

“What psychopathic bitch?” he demanded.

“Just shut up and eat you eggs, Santo,” Anole barked.

Julian walked towards the gardens sat himself on a stone bench. He pondered for a moment then pulled out the pendant. He then realized that it was a locket and opened it. On the left side, was a picture of a teenaged girl, with short blonde hair and green eyes that weren’t so unfamiliar. Julian shifted his glance towards the picture on the right and did a double take. The woman in the picture looked exactly like Laura; same jet black flowy hair and same sexy and mysterious emerald eyes. Wait. What?

Julian shook his head and looked back at the two pictures. Then a voice came from behind.

“That is Megan Kinney.”

Julian yelped as Blindfold appeared out of nowhere.

“Jesus Christ, you scared me,” he exclaimed before calming down. “Who’s what?”

“The girl on the left was most commonly known as Megan Kinney,” Blindfold explained as she sat next to him. “She was Talon’s cousin. But she is no longer Megan Kinney or Talon’s cousin. She is now Dora Sander. Her mother is no longer Debra Kinney or Talon’s aunt. She is now Elizabeth Sander. They no longer-”

“Wait a second,” Julian interrupted. “X has a cousin?”

“And an aunt,” Blindfold answered. “But they are no longer her aunt and cousin.”

“And this is her nonexistent aunt?” Julian asked, pointing at the picture on the right.

“No,” Blindfold said. “That is Dr. Sarah Kinney. Talon’s mother. She is dead. Poor marionette no longer has her blue fairy.”


“You must repair the string, Hellion,” Blindfold pleaded with urgency. “You must help the marionette become a real life girl.”

“Ok, I’m going to stop right there because I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. As for this,” Julian pulled out the torn string, “I can’t fix it because it’s ripped.”

Suddenly Blindfold pulled out a long silver chain and handed it to Julian.

“Have a good day, Julian Keller.”

And with that she left the gardens and a dumfounded Julian.


Dear Santa,
I want a pony, a rocket, and a ton of reviews please! ;P