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The Soldier And The Weapon Chapter 1: The Dream

Crossover: X-23 and Captain America
Author: Me!
Character/Pairing: X-23/Captain America, OC, Iron Man, Thor
Summary: As Laura searches for herself in Africa, She meet the man who was the first to have given her a choice.
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Spoilers: Up to X-23 #3
A/N: Laura's 18 in this one
Disclaimer: Yeah, I know! I don't anything, I am very sad, and I am moving on!


She hears him. She is running through the white sandy shores, towards him. The sun is setting and water is splashing between her legs. She calls out his name but no words come out.


She hears him. Her pace quickens as she sees a tall figure, facing the dying sun. Waves are crashing all around her. She is running towards him, his golden hair flash with the last remnants of the sun. She calls out his name but no words come out.


She hears him. The figure turns and she sees a pair of bright blue eyes…

Laura gasped and almost jumped out of her seat as a soft ding rang and lights turned on all over the plane.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” said the captain over the telecom. “We are about twenty minutes to land in Kisumu. It is six o’clock in the morning, and as you can see the sun is shining beautifully…”

Laura looked out of her window and, indeed, saw the sun was shining brightly.


She turned to see one of the flight attendants looking down at her with great concern.

“You were shaking in your seat, miss,” said the flight attendant. “Are you alright?”

“Mimi ni vizuri (I am fine),” Laura said in perfect Swahili. “It was just a dream.”

“Pengine, ni lazima kupata baadhi ya maji (Perhaps, I should get you some water),” persisted the attendant.

“No!” Laura blurted out, before stopping herself and attempted a smile for the startled attendant. “Hakuna asante (No thank you). I’m fine, really.”

The attendant nodded and turned to check on the other passengers. Laura sighed and placed her right hand over her head. She stared intently at the star shaped mark on her palm. For more than six months she has searched all over the world for answers and coming out with very little to show for. She just wanted to know what this mark meant. She just wanted to know if she had a soul.

He calls out her name but no words come out.


He hears her. But he can’t see her. He then sees the sun setting and feels the waves crashing around him. He calls out her name but no words come out.


He hears her. He stands there, watching the sun die. He waits for her to wrap her arms around him. He calls out her name but no words come out.


He hears her. He turns to flowing black hair and a pair of emerald green eyes gazing up at him…


Steve nearly jumped out of his chair, only to find his two best friends in his office.

“Tony,” he grumbled. “What did I tell you about calling me ‘Steve-O’?”

“That it was juvenile and annoying,” replied Tony.

“Yeah,” said Steve. “Except the exact phrase I used was ‘don’t’.”

“We were only concerned, Steven,” Thor interjected. “You were shaking in your sleep. We almost called for a medic.”

“Guys, I’m fine,” said Steve. “It was just a weird dream.”

Thor reluctantly nodded and left the office. Tony stayed.

“This dream of yours,” he began. “Was it a wet dream?”

“Get out!”

Tony chuckled and turned to leave, then back to the captain.

“Speaking of weird and wet dreams,” he said. “Agent Stalker is outside. She says she wants to show you something.”

“You really need to stop calling her that,” said Steve.

“Agent or stalker?” Tony asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Just send her in.”

A few seconds later, Agent Pam Walker came rushing in.

“Good evening, Captain Rogers,” she squeaked.

“Evening, Agent Stalk-Walker,” Steve stuttered before slamming the door at Tony’s grinning and Thor’s confused faces. “What is it you wanted to me see?”

“Well,” Walker began pulling out a folder. “I was doing the routine airport checks for any red flags. Then I got to the Eastern African regions, and signal popped up at the Nairobi Airport, saying that it had a match in facial recognition. The problem is that, according to our data, there’s nothing to compare it to.”

Steve’s brows furrowed as Walker pulled out a photo and handed it to him. His eyes widened as they fell on the figure in the image.

“When was this taken?” He demanded.

“2300 EAT, sir,” said Walker.

“I want all facial recognitions with her in it,” Steve commanded, still staring at the picture. “And the traveling plans that followed them.”

“Yes, Captain,” said Walker, turning to leave.


Walker turned around to see the captain looking straight at her.

“Do it quietly,” he said.

She nodded then left the office. Once the door was closed, Steve looked back into the face of X-23.
A/N: Hello? *Crickets* Any reviews out there?
Tags: captain america, capx, fanfic, x-23
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